Limitless shifting

Classified hubs feature a 2-speed wireless electronic shifting system, offering the same functionality as the front derailleur and way more ...

Classified introduces a wireless electronic shifting system that allows you to change gears instantaneously, under full load and with uncompromised ratio coverage and gear steps. The Power Shift technology allows you to confidently shift anywhere, anytime and under any circumstance. Wave your front derailleur goodbye and focus on performance and simplicity.

Limitless shifting

Faster shifting

Focus on your performance. Classified hubs shift in a stunning 150 milliseconds. No need to shift gears before the terrain changes. No need to mentally or physically prepare a front derailleur shift or worry about whether or not you chain may skip or fall off. Classified hubs shift in the blink of an eye. No delays, actuation is execution.

Shifting under full load

Focus on your ride and shift gears whenever you want to, even on the steepest climb or roughest terrain. Unlike a traditional front derailleur, Classified hubs will shift both up and down, under full load, up to 1000 Watt. Full blown accelerations, or shifting near standstill on a climb, your Classified hubs will never let you down.

Limitless performance

Enjoy the robustness of a 1x drive train, without compromising on ratio coverage or gear step size. Ride on a 1x set-up, with 2x functionality. The Power Shift technology has no boundaries whatsoever. Confidently shift on any terrain, anytime and under any circumstance. Anything is possible now.

Uncompromised reliability

The Power Shift system is enclosed in the hub. It is fully sealed and protected from the elements. Performance of the system is not compromised by dirt, mud or rain. Classified hubs are designed to be your companion on your most challenging adventures. They run like clockwork.

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