The hubshell is interchangeable, is it easy to change?

Yes. There's a lockring under the brake disc that keeps the hubshell attached to the inner hub and driver assembly. This lockring is compatible with your standard cassette lockring tool and a hub swap can be done in as little as a few minutes. Please consult the manual for a detailed hub swap procedure.

Do I need a specific cassette?

Yes, Classified uses a proprietary cassette for increased durability and lighter weight. We offer several options so you can optimise your drive train to suit your riding style.

Can I fit the transmitter module in any handlebar?

No. The transmitter module is only compatible with Shimano Di2-spec handlebars with a hole for the wiring positioned near the end of the handlebar.

These are handlebars such as Pro Vibe alloy and Pro Vibe carbon.

Do not drill holes in your handlebars. This will void the warranty and can lead to injury or death.

Can I use my own thru-axle with the Classified hub?

No. The Classified hub can only be used with the Classified thru-axle. Using any other thru-axle will impair functionality and voids warranty.

The reason is two-fold. First the Classified thru-axle contains the battery and electronics to power the Classified hub. Without it, the hub is not able to shift. Secondly, the Classified Thru-Axle secures the Classified hub's axle to the frame to enable it to support the torque load, which is required for proper functionality and is fundamentally different to regular hubs.

Which chains are compatible with the Classified cassette?

Classified 11-speed cassettes are designed to operate with Shimano CN-HG601-11, CN-HG701-11 and CN-HG901-11 11-speed chains. Alternatively KMC X11 and DLC11 chains are also compatible.

What disc brakes are compatible?

Centre Lock disc brakes only.

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