Classified: born in the cradle of cycling, developed and produced in the most sustainable and fair way possible.

Classified hubs are an innovation conceived, developed and produced entirely in the Benelux. The team behind Classified lives and breathes sports and aims to provide cyclists with premium technology & real added value. With over 90% of all materials originating from the Benelux and local engineering & production, Classified wants to do business in a meaningful way.


It’s our mission to provide riders with premium technology & real added value. Our team is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the market. The development of the Power Shift hub with its Instant Powershift Technology marks our first step in this direction.


The team behind Classified demands their suppliers to take responsibility and initiatives to lower their carbon footprint. We select our suppliers based on their efforts to go green. The Classified team prefers partners that recover energy and waste.


Our team wants to do business in a meaningful way, with as much respect for the environment as possible. The Classified team uses production processes that are as sustainable as possible relying on a highly localized supply chain. For example, 90% of all used components originate from the Benelux.


Classified is a technological innovation of the Benelux, the cradle of cycling. Conceived and developed in Eindhoven and produced in Turnhout. We are located at the OMC site (open manufacturing campus), a former Philips site and a wonderful example of old industry reconversion.